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Meet Your Guide

Alicia Diozzi

Owner, Middle School History Teacher

a little girl standing in front of a tree posing for the camera

Alicia’s 6th grade students find it hard to believe that she actually hated middle school and would rather be anywhere else but the classroom when she was a kid.  She’s spent her career showing kids that learning can be a fascinating adventure and that middle school is “the” place to be.  She studies Italian in her free time and sometimes bursts uncontrollably into Broadway songs.  She’s been here in Salem for 22 years and has case full of costumes that reads “Break Glass in Case of Last-Minute Shenanigans”

Jon Streff

High School History Teacher

a group of people posing for the camera

When he is not enjoying a creamsicle frappe from Captain Dusty’s, Jon, as his daughter Brigid says, “is always talking about history.”  Jon teaches history to high school students, works as a National Park Ranger talking about John F. Kennedy, and he plays vintage base ball where he gets to (wait for it…) talk about history. He has lived in Salem for 20 years and loves showing people around this wonderfully quirky place.