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Salem Kids Tours

Teacher-Led Tours of Historic Salem

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A “Must-Do” for Families!

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Fun Attractions in Salem & Boston!

Salem Kids Tours

Hey, kids, are you sometimes bored when your parents take you to something that’s supposed to be “educational”?  We get you!  No fear of boredom on a Salem Kids Tour.  Our guides are all history teachers, and we understand kids, we understand how kids learn best, and we are here to lead you on an amazing trip through time.
Come walk with us through the mysterious and magical streets of Salem and we’ll tell you stories that are not only well-researched and entirely true, but they are also fascinating, if we do say so ourselves.
We offer two unique tours: Our Kids History Tour through the historic Downtown, and our Slightly Spooky Tour, which includes history and some mild ghost stories to spark your imagination.
We are the only tour in Salem that offers kid-appropriate, kid-approved content.  See why some parents have called us “The best thing we did in Salem”
Tours are best for ages 5+

5-Star Reviews for Salem Kids Tours

Exactly what we were looking for!

Lovely small group that kept my kids interested the entire time! My (usually reserved) 11 year old made an effort to be in the front and stand next to our tour guide. Half way through the tour I checked in with our 13 year old who said "I'm intrigued!" which is high honors for her haha! Super friendly guide who answered all of our questions.... highly recommend!

– Adia S., TripAdvisor
Highly recommended Tour!

We were traveling with our 9 yr old daughter and wanted to do a walking tour of Salem but didn’t know if a lot of them would be scary or over her head, so we were happy to find this wonderful tour! Here’s our daughter’s review: “It was fun, exciting and very educational! Can’t find another tour guide as exciting as this!” The tour guide was awesome with the kids and was great at communicating leading up to the tour via email. Highly recommend!

– tanblas, TripAdvisor
Such a great tour!

Came to Salem with 3 adults and 4 kids - 2 from the Salem area, 2 from Cape Cod, ages 8 to 14. Very interesting information and most personable presenter - a teacher of social studies. She asked the ages of the kids and I’m sure targeted their age interests. Had a great time, and all were attentive even with multi distractions around us. I would highly recommend this tour!

– eoneil616, TripAdvisor
Great Tour!

We had an amazing tour with Alicia! She is a 6th grade social studies teacher and is chock full of great info and history, while keeping it fun, informative and entertaining. We went with a group of kids ranging from elementary school to 9th grade plus some parents and all enjoyed! I highly recommend to anyone looking for a great activity with the kids, whether you live close by or are from out of the area!

– bhfam2018, Tripadvisor