Frequently Asked Questions

  • Chevron down Who gives the tour?
  • This is Salem’s one and only walking tour for children of all ages and the young at heart! The one-hour outdoor walking tour with a licensed, costumed guide, is fun and captivating. You will hear tales and mysteries that all took place along the route.

    Alicia Diozzi, M.Ed. at your service. I am the sole proprietor of the tour; not part of a larger company. When not running around Salem dressed as a Puritan, I am a sixth-grade social studies teacher with a background in drama. I developed this one-hour tour when I saw a need for high-quality children’s activities for visiting families. Some of our attractions in Salem are pretty gruesome and gory, and I want to offer an option to children and families that is fun, funny, educational, and accurate!

    Can I give your group a gruesome and gory tour? Yes, I can, if that’s what you are looking for. Private tours start at $95, and I typically need 24-hour advance notice to arrange a private tour. Please email me if you want to arrange something custom-made for your group. [email protected] Sorry, I can’t give private tours in October.

  • Chevron down Where do we find your tour?
  •  We meet at 185 Essex Street at a shop called Pamplemousse. 

    Nearby parking can be found at 2 New Liberty Street in Salem. You will find the Visitor Center, and across the street is a parking garage. You can stop in at the Visitor Center for a map and a restroom and water bottle-filling stop. From the Visitor Center, it’s a two or three-minute walk to where my tour meets. There is some on-street parking, but it is metered, and the ticket game here in Salem is strong! On Sundays, metered parking is free in downtown Salem, but arrive early. There is no parking at my tour meeting spot. It is a pedestrian mall, not a regular street. All tickets must be booked online; I can’t do transactions at the time of the tour.
    Pamplemousse is not a ticket counter, nor do they necessarily have information about my tour. Please email me at [email protected] or text 978-766-1103 with any questions or inquiries about my tours. My tours leave on time. Please allow MORE time than you think you’ll need to park and walk to the tour.

  • Chevron down Refunds, rain, zombie attacks?
  • I cannot give refunds if you are late for the tour or if your plans change. I keep my groups very small. In spring and summer, I will honor your reservation on a different day or time if that’s possible, and will try to work with you about rescheduling.

    In October, however, tickets are non-refundable, non-transferrable, and I can’t reschedule you. October is a time when all tours sell out in advance and it’s not possible to add and remove folks from tours. Please double-check and make sure my tour fits your October schedule.

    If it rains or if Salem Kids Tours cancels due to a zombie attack or other unforeseen circumstance, all visitors WILL get a full and prompt refund. We do not tour in the rain. I will email you and post on Facebook if I am going to cancel. I hate to cancel tours and don’t take the decision to cancel lightly. Rain creates distracting and sometimes unsafe conditions for the little ones, so I appreciate your understanding.

  • Chevron down Where is your schedule and how do I buy tickets?
  • All tickets must be booked online. I can’t complete transactions at the time of the tour. Click the icon above. You will be directed to our calendar. We appreciate 24-hour notice for private tour bookings, although sometimes it’s possible to book on the same day. Our tours are $10 for children ages 4-16, and $12 for ages 16 and up. This is the best value in Salem for a kids’ activity that will keep your littles captivated for one full hour. The tour is most appropriate for ages 5 and up, and all kids are welcome. Teens LOVE this tour! If you have young folks whose faces seem permanently stuck to a screen, I can unstick them for at least an hour. Although, I’m sure they will want to “Insta” their adventures. (See how cool I am–I used “insta” as a verb.)

    I do not offer any further price reductions or discounts since my tour is so wallet-friendly to begin with. Children ages 3 and under are free of charge. You know your kids best. If they like to walk and like to hear stories, they will love my tour. We welcome the young at heart, too! No need to print tickets! I keep a list and will “take attendance” at the tour. The group is small, so this is manageable. See you soon!

Still have questions? Reach out!